Five Rules of eLearning



One Objective = One Course

A single course has one and only one objective.  A laser focus on one topic dramatically increases the success of the course.




15-Minute Limit

Courses are never longer than 15 minutes.  Refine the message of our single objective to keep it short and memorable.



Repetition is Key

We have a single course objective, limited time to deliver the message, and users with limited attention.  In order to ensure that our points of focus stick, we’ll want to deliver the information several times, in several different ways.  We know that users won’t remember everything, so we need to focus, focus, focus.



Eliminate Distractions

Keeping a user focused requires considering all of the audio, visual, and navigational aspects of the course.  Voiceovers and music should punctuate the points of focus, on-screen text and graphics should be light and crisp while highlighting critical information, and opportunities to multi-task during the course should be limited.


Action is Required  

We know our users won’t remember everything, especially if they don’t need the information right now.  The goal of any successful course, then, is to ensure users understand why this information is important, and where to go to review it in detail later.  This typically is accomplished by pointing users to a web page, quick reference guide, or other document at the end of the course.  A training course is only Step 1.  Make sure they know what to do next.